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Above - Amusing the neighbors as we go Night Fishing in the sky with glow-in-the-dark balloons

As fans of great music we all understand that we have all experienced magic in the air. Sometimes there are moments in live music that are just real difficult to explain.

Ladies and Gentleman please allow me to try and explain a magical event that occurs each year. It's called The Foxhole. And it occurs every year for a week leading up to the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Oak Hill in the Catskill Mountains

of New York.

The Foxhole concept evolved from the old Grey Fox Festival site in the Berkshire Mountains. Fans would show up early to have a pre-party before we were allowed entry to the festival. This event in and of itself became a MUST for many of us fans. Some people would come up ridiculously early and set up camp and then go back home to work and come back up to the "Line" when able.

There was a tremendous buzz leading up to the opening of Grey Fox. Personally I can tell you that my family has made so many great friends that we continue to see year after year for all kinds of events from Grey Fox to other festivals and parties. It's really a beautiful thing. One year we showed up 10 days early in a rented RV. We were something like #43 in line (just counting vehicles). That's arriving 10 days early!! We were featured in the town’s local newspaper as they tried to describe this magic to their readers.

Grey Fox relocated in 2008 to this fantastic site in the Catskill Mountains. The question was what we will do about our "Liner" Party. The answer came swiftly in a four letter name. Jack.

"If you don't know the don't know Jack"

Jack and his team are great. They put this on year after year. And I assure you it is not easy. They lay out some real money and real time. There are licenses and meetings and planning involved. But you can see that this is a labor of love. I am pretty certain that they consider themselves lucky if they break even most years.

The fee this year is a modest $40 per adult camper. Not bad for a week in paradise. Many people only come by for a shorter stay. Everyone is welcome. It is designed for Greyfox Festival fans as a pre-party, although it has turned into much more than that. There are those who cannot make the festival for whatever reason but still make it to the Foxhole because it is a magical event.

The Foxhole is located on the Alan Farm on Allen Teater Road in Durham, NY about 4 miles from the Grey Fox site. It is a 50 acre working hay field that sits about 1500 feet in elevation overlooking the Catskill region. Views like nothing you can even imagine. Sunsets that I promise will change your life. It is really something you need to experience. The Kindest Good Souls congregated together.

This is a place where you see many of the same faces year after year. Also many new faces which is very welcome. And the entertainment is amazing. It is a pickin' party. Many people bring their instruments and there are numerous jams constantly going on. Best part is there is room for everyone to play. We even have our house accordion player and everyone is jamming and having fun no matter your level of expertise. Personally, I love watching new players come back year after year and observe their improvement.

There are some really good players too, and not just amateurs. It's not uncommon to see musicians play that will be on the Grey Fox stage or one of the other stages. There are also those jammers who are in bands back home. Or those that are Financial Analysts, Carpenters or Dentists back home but come to the Foxhole to let their freak flag fly.

It's not just musicians though. This is a place where honestly the best good people in the world congregate. And sharing and fun is what it is all about. Chefs are happy to show off and share. There are activities as well: "Linerlympics," where kids and adults compete for great prizes (donated by us Foxholers), pie eating contests, water balloon games. You can even win tickets to the Greyfox Festival for the future year donated by a great Foxholer. Allow me to again repeat about the sunsets. You literally feel like you become part of the sunset. Sunsets will often get a standing ovation.

It is sanctioned and approved by the authorities. There is recycling, port-o-lets, a water truck, fire lanes, hand washing stations and ice available on site. You can bring anyone any age and they will love it. It is rough camping which means there is no electricity provided, but there is electricity in the air and these are the nicest people. Really. The best people and absolutely the best place for your soul before going to Greyfox Bluegrass Festival!!!

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Below - The pictures really don't do this justice. Practically 360 degree views for miles and miles away on top of a mountain with the best people ever. Pick'n, Eating, Laughing, Dream'n ! Kid friendly. Everyone agrees this is such a great experience