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Ravenna's Recipes

All recipes can be prepped ahead of time so that all you have to do is heat up the grill and get cookin'.

They all require a grill of sorts, but have pretty minimal prep prior to festival-ing. I thought these four dishes could be a complete meal in itself - a main dish, with two sides, and dessert... Plus a bonus late night play on a fancy flatbread pizza. I wanted to create a meal that was light enough for a festival, so that you're not feeling weighed down by a heavy meal during the festival, but satisfying enough to get you through a long day.

I've never actually written out any recipes so if you have any constructive criticism or notice any errors, please let me know!!

Foil Wrapped Fish

(Makes 1 serving… Multiply measurements by how ever many people you are feeding)


5-6oz filet of fish (can be any fish you fancy… Salmon, Halibut, Porgy, Tilapia, Branzino, etc.)

Two slices of lemon

3-4 teaspoons of chopped fresh herbs like parsley, basil, tarragon, cilantro, rosemary, thyme


(Prep Ahead)

Place 2 layers of foil on your workspace and lay one filet in the center of the foil and drizzle with olive oil. Season filet with salt and pepper, sprinkle herbs generously, and place the lemon slices on top of the fish. Fold up the edges of both layers of the foil so that the fish is completely wrapped and no juices can escape while cooking.

Pack as many filets as people you plan to feed. Keep refrigerated until ready to grill.

(Ready to Cook)

Once ready to cook, heat grill to medium high heat and place entire foil packet on the grill. The fish will steam itself inside the packet. Cook for about 10 minutes or until the fish is cooked to medium rare. Serve with fresh lemon wedges.

Grilled Corn with Chipotle Honey Butter

(Two sticks of butter should be enough to for 5-6 ears of corn… with a little extra left over)


Corn, still in husk

2 Stick Unsalted Butter, softened, room temperature

2 Tablespoon Honey

4 Teaspoon purred chipotles in adobo


(Prep Ahead)

Place butter, honey, and chipotles in food processor and pulse to combine until fully incorporated. Season with salt. If you don’t have a food processor, just use a mixing bowl and a fork to incorporate everything thoroughly!

Place in mason jar, or other air tight container until ready to serve corn. Keep refrigerated.

(Ready to Cook)

Once ready to cook, heat grill to medium high heat and place entire ear of corn on the grill, while still in husk. Cook until husk is thoroughly charred on the outside.

Let corn rest for 5 minutes before peeling off husk. Serve with chipotle honey butter.

Grilled Halloumi and Tomato Skewers

Halloumi is a sheep’s milk cheese with a very high melting temperature, so it stands up to the high heat of a grill. This recipe will serve about 5-6 people.


Four 8-9oz packages of Halloumi Cheese, cut into 1-inch cubes

3-4 Cups Cherry Tomatoes, halved

Zest from 1 Lemon or 1 Lime

1 Bunch Parsley

Chile or herby oil, for serving


(Prep Ahead)

Soak wooden skewers for 1 hour, if using. Can also use metal skewers instead

Thread halloumi and tomatoes onto the skewers, alternating the two, starting and ending with the cheese.

Brush both sides of each skewer with the chile or herbed oil, lightly sprinkle lemon or lime zest over each skewer, and place in airtight container. Keep refrigerated until ready to grill.

(Ready to Cook)

Once ready to cook, heat grill to medium high heat. Grill the skewers until cheese is charred in some spots, flipping occasionally, about 3-5 minutes.

Garnish with parsley and drizzle with more chile or herbed oil if desired.

Grilled S’mores

Serves 6


12 Graham Crackers

3 Hershey’s Chocolate Bars

24 Marshmallows


(Prep Ahead)

Place 2 layers of foil on your workspace. Assemble s’more placing one graham cracker in the center of the foil, layering with the chocolate and about 4 marshmallows per s’more. Place the second graham cracker on top and wrap the s’more in the foil so that the s’more is wrapped securely, with a little bit of breathing room. Repeat with remaining s’mores. Keep refrigerated until ready to grill.

(Ready to Cook)

Place s’more, still wrapped in the foil, on a grill over medium heat. Cook for about 2 minutes. Unwrap, Enjoy!

Late Night Sausage Flatbread with Fennel and Onion Jam

Makes two flat breads


Fennel and Onion Jam

2 Bulb Fennel

4 Sweet White Onions, Vidalia are great

4 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar

4 Tablespoons Sugar


2 Store Bought Pizza Dough, whole wheat or white work great

½ Pound Loose Spicy Italian Sausage

½ Pound Loose Sweet Italian Sausage

2 Cups Beef Stock

1 Cup Arugula

Fresh Mozzarella


(Prep Ahead)

Make the jam. Half and slice fennel and onion into ¼ inch slices. Drizzle ¼ cup olive oil into a large pot over medium heat. Add onions and fennel into pot. Season aggressively with salt. Cover and cook for about 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Reduce heat to low, add balsamic vinegar and sugar, and cook uncovered for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. The jam is done when the onions and fennel have a rich brown color and all liquid has evaporated from the pot. Keep in airtight container until ready to serve

Make the sausage topping. Heat ¼ cup olive oil in a large pot over medium high heat. Once pot is hot, crumble sausage into pot, season with salt, and cook over medium high heat until thoroughly browned. Stir regularly. Once browned, add stock and reduce until almost all of the liquid has evaporated and the sausage is coated with a thick coat of the reduced stock. Reserve in airtight container until ready to serve.

(Ready to Cook)

Heat grill to medium high heat. Roll out dough as thin or thick as you prefer. Brush with olive oil and transfer to grill. Cook one side until dough is half way cooked and flip. Top cooked side of flatbread with mozzarella cheese, onion and fennel jam, and the cooked sausage. Reduce heat on grill, cover and let cook for 5 minutes until the toppings are heated through and the cheese is melted. Top with the fresh arugula and serve immediately.